Who are we?

Vision: Bringing the benefits of health and wellness into corporate America.

Mission: Inspiring change through preventative health related to physical fitness and nutrition for both corporate and community clients. 3 Degree Fitness offers a diverse array of educational and physical fitness, and wellness classes that provide the necessary tools to ensure our community members and employees are able to live long and healthy lives.

More About Us: We are an elite fitness, training, and nutritional based company bringing the benefits of health and wellness into corporate America! We pride ourselves on being a Christian business and bring a high level of customer service to those seeking to achieve a healthier lifestyle with a strong commitment towards personalized services and individual attention!

Nothing is more important than good health. At 3 Degree Fitness, we believe in the triad of fitness, Sleep, Exercise and Nutrition, all playing a key role in your overall health. Work with 3 Degree Fitness as we help our corporate and community clients of all ages to understand the importance of an overall healthy life both inside and outside the gym.

Core Values

TRANSFORMATIONAL EDUCATION: We commit and aspire to grow and transform intellectually as an organization and as individuals in an effort to bring our clients the most current and reliable information in relation to their physical fitness, health, wellness and nutritional activities. (2 Timothy 2:2)

INSPIRATIONAL LEADERSHIP: We commit to leading a healthy lifestyle that will inspire internal change within our clients, allowing them to grow as inspirational leaders within themselves. (2 Peter 1:5)

FACILITATIVE COMPASSION: We commit to facilitating authentic and selfless services, through compassionate engagement with our clients that builds lasting and meaningful professional relationships. (Mark 1:40, Luke 15:20)

Meet the Owner and Founder: Ashley McDonald, MPH, CHES, CPT
Let me share my story with you; we all come from different places, and I want you to know that my road was not an easy one either!

I went off to complete my undergraduate degree at Liberty University in the summer of 2008 loving life, thinking I knew it all about everything, as many of us did when we were in High School. It was not until I started classes that I started to realize, I was a little different than all of my friends I had made. My friends and I would go out for dinner and I would order a cheeseburger, French fries, a coke, and milkshake for dessert thinking nothing of it. Meanwhile, my friends were ordering healthier options like grilled chicken and fish, opting out of dessert. This got me thinking- Why were they not ordering the food that, to me, seemed the most appetizing? After realizing what kinds of health risks I was setting myself up for, with a family history of morbid obesity, high cholesterol, diabetes, hypertension and liver disease among other things, I decided to take action.

While this was not an overnight journey it gave me the ability to be able to have a strong testimony and really related to my clients on a more personal level. I developed my compassion for others; wanting to help get out of the place I was once in, and reach their goals. Upon completion of my Bachelors in Health Promotion, I starting working as a Personal Trainer in 2012 and quickly moved through the health and wellness professional ladder working with larger corporate fitness companies in Northern Virginia on various levels. Soon after I became a Certified Health Education Specialist through the National Commission for Health Education Credentialing. From there I continued on to get several more certification some of which include a Certified Lifestyle coach two-time Nationally Certified Personal Trainer, Group Exercise evaluator, Spinning Instructor and American Heart Instructor. It was then that I realized my true passion in helping inspire others to reach their goals and how I could achieve this on a personal level, thus creating 3 Degree Fitness. In an effort to always bring the top knowledge and skills to our clients I recently completed my Masters in Public Health, Global Health, through Liberty University in December of 2016. Since 2012 I have been helping change lives 50 pounds lighter! It is my hope that you and or your employees are ready to take that leap of faith and jump start your journey to a healthier and happier you with me and my team today!
I started to help others on their personal journeys- 50 pounds lighter! Being able to relate to my clients and understanding how real the struggle can be aides me in my ability to help them stay on track. I know by working together, I can help you make the changes you and your body desire.

We can not wait to start our journey to a healthier and happier you!

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Seeking Personal Trainers and Fitness Instructors

Think you have what it takes to be a part of the 3 Degree Fitness Team? Ready to dive into the fitness industry head on? Tired of working on commission based pay?
We offer competitive non-commission based pay to all our trainers who are not just employees but a part of our fitness family. Send a copy of your resume and cover letter to livehealthy@3degreefitness.com to apply.
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