Corporate Wellness

Looking to save healthcare dollars spent? We know preventing them in first place is the best way! The National Institue of Health states that for every $1.00 spent on wellness programs $5.93 are saved on healthcare cost.
Are you a corporate employee or maybe you work for a company that you wished offered a fitness and wellness program? Health care cost are always increasing due to the unhealthy and often sedentary lifestyles that workforces require. 3 Degree Fitness understands the importance of health, fitness, and wellness in today’s corporate America. We want to partner with you in an effort to continue to instill value in your employees, lower medical cost, increase employee productivity and overall health. Join the 80% of employers who resport improvement in productivty, or the 55% of employees who say they would stay with a company that paid less but offered better benifits. With our wide array of corporate fitness and wellness services we know there is something to meet the needs of every company whether you are like one of our large partners, Discovery or more like one of our smaller partners and locally owned and operated.
Corporate Wellness Services are available on three tiers and are priced per month or annually. Prices vary depending on the location and size of the company.
1-3 group classes a week
Speciality classes added $100/class
Tier 1
    Additional services offered in this tier will be at an added cost per month, per service. Price per service may vary.
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3-4 group classes a week
Speciality classes up to 1 per quater
Tier 2
    Additional services in this tier are included in monthly rate, although some service prices may vary. Online exclusive platform/account acess is also included in this teir for all employees.
4+ group classes a week
Speciality classes up to 2 per quater
Tier 3
    On site staff Monday-Friday that can indlude but are not limited to: Nationally Certified Fitness Professionals, Personal Trainers, Group Exercise Instuctors, Health Educators, Health Fitness Specialist, Nutritionsit, Nurses and Doctors. All services are included at no additional cost.

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Detailed Descriptions of Services Available Through Corporate Wellness Packages
Platform Access
Having access to our platform is what helps build the foundation for a corporate wellness program. Imagine a website where an employee can have a unique and personal experience with the ability to can learn about various health, wellness, and fitness topics, interact with other staff, and compete to earn points. Points can be redeemed for prizes such as gift cards, free personal training, nutritional consults, and more! Each company receives their own unique website where content is individualized based on the company and employees needs/goals and is regularly updated. Employees can earn points for activities or workouts they may already be doing. Thus, employee morale and productivity is boosted, and medical cost is decreased!
Group Exercise and Personal Training
This is a great way to build employee team work and morale. Did you know 53% of employees say they would particiapte in corporate wellness programs if it lowered their insurance costs? Group exercise classes include but are not limited to Yoga, Total Body Conditioning, Boot Camp, Cardio Craze, Pilates, Zumba, and HIIT. Personal Training is 100% custom to fit the needs and goals of any employee, helping them to stay on track and reach their goals in no time!
Theses interactive workshops provide employees with the opportunity to grow and learn while actively participating. Some of the most popular workshops are Smoothie Sensation, and Foam Rolling 101.
Preventative Screenings
Screenings are a great way to find out where your employees stand on a wellness or fitness spectrum and allow the employer and 3 Degree Fitness to build an interactive platform that focuses on the areas where your employees need more direction. Some of our screening include Well-Being-Assessments, Gait Analysis, Resting Metabolic Rate, Cholesterol, Glucose, Blood Pressure, Body Fat Percentage and Functional Movement Analysis.
Lunch & Learns
This is a great way for employees to change their scenery from their office space to a place where they can enjoy their lunch while learning how to better improve their health and fitness goals. Our most favored Lunch-and-Learns are Cardiovascular Zoning, Heart Healthy- Nutritional Counseling, and Get Pumped- Strength and Conditioning.
Specialty Classes and Events
Depending on the package purchased some specialty classes are included such as Piloxing, Boxing, Masala Bhangra or Total Dance Fitness. Events are a great way to create healthy competition within the workplace or give employees something to get excited about. These events can include hosting a 5k race for your employees, health fairs, or blood drives.