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Results are not something we produce, they are something that produce themselves through a change both inside and outside your body. In all my years and hundreds of clients, we have yet to finish a journey with a client and not look at the world in a new way. I consider myself nothing less than a chronicler of the human condition, for better or worse. When your body is changing before you and quality of life is improving, we know you'll agree.

Nutritional/Food Planning/Online Training

Do you suffer from inflammation, itchy and sensitive skin? Or maybe your simply overstressed, lacking sleep each night and want to lose a little weight? The way we eat affects us in more than one way!
Online Training
Nutritional/Workout Planning
per month
  • Unlike traditional training you get me and my knowledge "outside of the gym". My online training is 100% CUSTOM to your sepecfic needs. This is not some cookie cutter bull that is going to tell you what to do when. This is for people looking to take thier life to the next level, with a custom road map on how to get there. We work together to develop a nuttrional and workout program that are desgined to fit into YOUR budget and lifestle needs, while evelvating you to your goals! Did I mention you get access to me as needed, via viedo, and audio calls as well as emails! I am more than just "another trainer" with a plan.

Ask about my spouse special.
Initial one-time enrollment/processing fee to cover first 8 weeks $550
Yes, the intital $550 includes your workouts and meal plans
Quick Fix Consults
1-on-1 Consults
First one is Free
  • We all want that magical pill or that quick fix and it simply does not exist! There is a way however to make any goal a reality, and I know how to get you there!

Your Quick Fix Consult allows you 30 minutes of undivived video conference style attention from me where we acess where you are with your goals and where you want to be. At the end of this consult you will walk away with my personal reccomendations and plan on how to reach your goals!

In Person Personal Training & App/Account Access

Our App (3 Degree Fitness) can be done in the comfort of your home, office, personal gym or even outdoors! It's like having one of our certified personal trainers right beside you for your individualized workout!

Our trainers know what it is like to being on a fitness journey and here to help! Many of our trainers have also struggled with weight loss/muscle gain battles and each one has a different story to tell. At 3 Degree Fitness, we believe the struggle to live a healthy life can become a new passion for life! Being able to relate to our clients and understanding how real the struggle can aid our team in their ability to help our clients stay on track. We know by working together, that we can help you make the changes you and your body desire. We cannot wait to start our journey to a healthier and happier you!
*Please note, not all trainers offer in person training
In Person-PT
per session
  • 45 min session
per session
  • Not billed per person
for cleints
  • Keep Track of your plans and progress all in one place
Full Access
  • per month

Welcome box

Want to give the gift that keeps on giving? Purchase the Welcome Box that is fit for any fitness level. These Welcome Boxes include 1 month of online perssonal training Polar Bluetooth Heart Rate Monitors that help you stay on track during the day and maximize fat burn during your workouts. You will also receive a, yoga block and trigger point therapy balls, perfect for workout recovery. As well as healthy snacks to help keep you motivated and on track throughout the day. Don't worry we will tell how to use it all! Did we mention you also get a free cutomized workout plan to help jumpstart your fitness goals!
$475 per Welcome Box